Xagent virus targets iOS users

People used to think that Macs were totally safe from computer viruses, but that is no longer the case.

Security company Bitdefender recently discovered malware that can do some serious damage to iOS users. Discovered as “Xagent”, it’s a form of malware made for Mac OS that can steal passwords, take screenshots, and capture phone backups stored on an infected Apple computer.

Xagent targets Mac users with what Bitdefender describes as an advanced backdoor exploit. According to the analysis done by Bitdefender, Xagent can scan a computer for information about what’s inside the computer, create a list of what it’s found, and capture iPhone backups at the same time.

“The discovery of the XAgent module once again reinstates the need for organisations to tackle computer security in an unified manner, regardless of the operating system mix they have deployed,” said Bogdan Botezatu, Senior Threat Analyst at Bitdefender.

“Missing out on Macs or mobile phones because they are “inherently secure” gives determined attackers the one opportunity they need to subvert individual devices and take over entire networks to exfiltrate information for months, if not years,” he said.

Malware like Xagent highlights the need for security software on every platform.


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