Network Support

  • Setup\Install Networks
  • Troubleshoot Network\Internet Connectivity Issues
  • Test\Configure Wireless Network Security
  • Optimize Wireless Network Signal Strength

“As a residential construction contractor, I needed an Information Technology professional on my support team to troubleshoot and fix my computer and network issues, and design and implement a backup system for my important files.

John Brehm from HPM has consistently provided these services for me in a timely, cheerful, and cost effective way. John is a patient teacher who can work with people of all levels of computer literacy, and has helped me master the hardware and software to maintain my network and backups.

HPM is also programming solutions for my off-the-shelf database program to meet the specific needs of my company. It’s comforting to know that HPM has the people and expertise I can depend on to provide me with IT solutions as problems arise.

HPM should unquestionably be the IT professionals on your support team.”

Dean E. Shea, VP
Sunny Brook Builders

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